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R-Tech Limited are suppliers of laboratory scale equipment, special purpose ‘one-off’ pieces of equipment, cutters, rollers and spares for International Biscuit Manufacturers, Ingredients Suppliers and Research Establishments.

MiniLab Equipment

Designed specifically to fit into a small lab area MiniLab is 120mm (4.7 inches) wide small scale equipment capable of making a single line of cookies and crackers in a repeatable manner.

MiniLab equipment is extremely cost effective and allows product and process developers to do their job quickly in a repeatable manner with manageable amounts of material, and producing a realistic product at small scale.


ProLab Equipment

ProLab is designed for serious pilot scale work. It is a 300mm (12 inches) wide slice of a full-scale production line, it is just narrower, with conventional roller diameters, construction materials and speed capabilities.

We can include measuring devices to measure moulding pressure, extraction pressure, gap settings, speed indication, temperature, energy and auxiliary 4-20mA outputs for connection to a data collection system to monitor the process


Cutters & Rollers

R-Tech design and manufacture rotary moulding and rotary cutting rollers to suit our own...


Custom Equipment

R-Tech manufacture custom purpose ‘one-off’ pieces of equipment to clients...


Our awareness of biscuit manufacturing technology from mixing, through forming and baking together with our very strong contacts within R&D Centres put us in a unique position.

R-Tech Limited products have emerged from over 180 man years of experience in biscuit, cookie and cracker manufacturing. Our engineers have experienced life in biscuit factories and as a consequence have a very good understanding of manufacturing baked products in the real production environment.